Human Resources Policy

Sustainable Success

We do it right the first time.
We use a common language.
We support open communication.
We make measurable progress over time.
We support continuous learning and development.
We encourage high performance.
We improve our business while improving ourselves, and we improve ourselves while improving our business.

High Business Awareness

We care about people and the environment we live in.
We prioritize making the right decision over compliance.
We care about protecting our brand and reputation at a high level.
We take care of our business by displaying a solution-oriented approach.
We manage our processes with targets, and we continuously improve our processes with improvement projects.
We work efficiently, we produce cost-oriented quality results.

Team spirit

All employees have an equal say in the team.
We adopt that different ideas will create diversity.
We always give feedback.
We own the results together.

Customer Focus

Our customers’ expectations are our priority.
We provide good service that conveys the strength we will receive from our customers.
We work to raise awareness of the society and our customers.


Innovative activities that add value are our priority.
With our investigative spirit, we identify opportunities in the market, produce and implement new ideas.

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